What you see on this website is the tip of the iceberg in connection with our capacity, drive, technical and legal capability. We are at the forefront of the law when it comes to estate planning. Not only do we use the most advanced estate planning software, but we also are utilizing recent legal changes that allow us to conduct estate planning signature ceremonies via ZOOM or Teams. With a telephonic interview, we will gather all vital information. From there we will email or mail your documents to your home. From there we can handle your signing ceremony provided you have a high speed internet connection and the ability to scan or fax. We will keep a video of the entire ceremony. We will then mail you a beautiful estate planning portfolio. Of course, we can conduct your signing ceremony in person as well! Payment is accepted via credit card or ACH.

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Collecting Your Information

No two estate plans are the same. An experienced estate planning attorney will turn every stone in order to ensure that your estate plan is properly customized to your unique family and financial situation. We will surely have a solution for any problem that arises. Sometimes we will send out an Estate Planning Worksheet. We’re going to ask about you marital status, and we’ll ask about any children that you have along with their addresses and contact information. We’ll also ask about the identity of your attorney, accountant, financial advisor and life insurance agent. Another important issue that we will address in the initial interview stage is ranking your concerns including issues and concerns like: providing and protecting children or grandchildren, disinheritance, charitable donations, tax planning, reducing administration costs, avoiding will disputes, protecting assets from creditors, planning for disabilities, privacy, along with any other specific concerns.


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