What you see on this website is the tip of the iceberg in connection with our capacity, drive, technical and legal capability. We are at the forefront of the law when it comes to estate planning. Not only do we use the most advanced estate planning software, but we also are utilizing recent legal changes that allow us to conduct estate planning signature ceremonies via ZOOM or Teams. With a telephonic interview, we will gather all vital information. From there we will email or mail your documents to your home. From there we can handle your signing ceremony provided you have a high speed internet connection and the ability to scan or fax. We will keep a video of the entire ceremony. We will then mail you a beautiful estate planning portfolio. Of course, we can conduct your signing ceremony in person as well! Payment is accepted via credit card or ACH.

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Powers of Attorney

A health care power of attorney will designate someone to be your attorney in fact in the event you are unable to make decisions about your healthcare. Short form power of attorney over property gives the designee broad powers to handle your property.

Living Trusts

A living trust is a mechanism for streamlining end-of-life affairs and minimizing the need for probate. Assets will be transferred into the trust during your lifetime.

Simple Wills

A simple will might be appropriate for individuals when probate is not a concern. A Simple Will might contain the wishes of the testator regarding asset distribution, along with appointment of executors and guardians.

Living Wills

A living will details an individual’s directives concerning medical treatment in circumstances in which they can no longer provide informed consent.

Comprehensive Estate Plan

Comprehensive Estate Plan Our comprehensive estate plan solution will give you certainty over your legacy. Estate planning is a business tool, and it can help elevate your financial security and your family’s financial situation. After a comprehensive consultation and an evaluation of your…

Remote Estate Plan

Remote Estate Plan At Wills & Trusts, we were founded with the needs of our clients in mind.  On the one hand, the vast majority of individuals who are considering estate planning should not use a canned, cookie cutter fill in the blank type of online will, e.g.…

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